(INDY) PMN 550 The Church.pdf
(INDY) TTH 570 The Church.pdf
BCS 550 Lands & Lifeways of the Biblical World.doc
BNT 632 Corinthian Correspondence.doc
BNT 636 Thessalonian Epistles.doc
ONLINE BNT 638 Pastoral Epistles.pdf
ONLINE BOT 500 Old Testament Foundations.doc
ONLINE GHI 530 History of the Restoration Mvmt.pdf
ONLINE PCO 510 Basic Counseling Theories and Methods.doc
ONLINE PCO 570 Career Counseling.doc
ONLINE PCO 649 Advanced Professional Orientation.doc
ONLINE PPC 521 Theology of Pastoral Care and Counseling.doc
PCO 513 Community Counseling.doc
PCO 582 Counseling Techniques.pdf
PCO 593 Practicum 2.pdf
PCO 594 Practicum 3.pdf
PCO 633 Substance Abuse Counseling.doc
PCO 636 Counseling Adolescents.doc
PCO 792 Internship 1.doc
PCO 793 Internship 2.doc
PCO 794 Internship 3.doc
PMN 520 Fundamentals of Biblical Communication.doc
PMN 670 Creative Methods for Evangelism & Community Impact.doc
TTH 560 Doctrine of Grace.doc